Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well?

Last year I tried to help The National Autistic Society, offering to give them £1 for every book sold after publishing with Britains Next Best Seller. Unfortunately as you are all aware, this campaign was unsuccessful and I was unable to help them the way I wanted to.  I have a vested interest in this charity because my son Dean is autistic, so this charity means a lot to me as I am sure means a lot to many other families too.

Well, now that I have two books published via self-publishing.  I am now in a position to offer them what I offered last year.  For every book sold, I will give them £1 to support the charity.  As I only receive £0.17 pence for every book sold via Amazon UK and Amazon Europe, I will make up the difference myself.  I am hoping to raise as much awareness for this charity as well as giving them as much money as I am able to raise through my books.

I will be running this campaign for the next 12 months and will not make any monies out of the sales of my books, but this will be worth it as far as I am concerned.  So please help and get your copy of my book.

You can order your copy from:

Three Little Monsters & The Ghost of Wisdom Woods

Three Little Monsters in Gruesome Gets A Toothache

Thank you for your support.