This is my 8-year-old son Dean and my inspiration for writing my book The Three Little Monsters & The Ghost of Wisdom Woods as Dean is autistic and finds it difficult to sleep well, as a result I spent most of the night reading stories to him. Soon we had finished every book in his room and I decided to make up my own for him and the smile on his face said it all. I wondered if my other children would enjoy them as much as Dean did and put them down on paper, to let them decide for themselves. They really enjoyed them and asked when the next one will be ready. It was then that I thought why not let other children enjoy my stories as much as my own children have. I worked initially with Britains Next Best Seller to have my book published, but, unfortunately, I was unsuccessful with my campaign. It was very disheartening as I was so close to achieving my goal that I took a break from my books and only with the support of my family and friends did I get the courage to try again. I am working with CreateSpace and have now published my book and hope that other children can enjoy their adventures as much as Dean has please come to and pick up your copy today thank you.