Halloween is coming!!!!


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Dr Booshillas favourite time of year

We are heading to my favourite time of year ‘HALLOWEEN‘ where I can scare not only those pesky monsters; Grouch, Grumble, Gruesome and not forgetting the annoying Ghost, but I can also go out and scare other children and adults too ha ha ha.

Why not head over to my website threelittlemonsters.zohosite.com for fun and games and maybe if you would like to possibly you could buy one of my two books available online in various bookstores including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ebay and Pipe & Thimble (In store).

Oh by the way we also have an event coming up in October with Pipe & Thimble where you can have lots of fun. For the price of the ticket $20 you will get a copy of Three Little Monsters in Gruesome Gets A Toothache, a plush toy and you can make your own little box monster too. The link for that is below, come along and have a great time.



New Weekly Segment From The Three Little Monsters


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We are going to be trying something new for us…well kind of anyway…

Each week, on a Wednesday evening at 7pm GMT, we are going to do a live video on Facebook where you can ask any questions you would like about my books and the Three Little Monsters; Grouch, Grumble and Gruesome.   You can even leave a question in the feedback section of our website and we will answer as many questions as we can.  Each live video blog will be about 30 minutes long so hopefully, should be fun.  I have added below links for my website and Facebook page (not that any of you little monster fans should need it anyway)


There is a lot of information regarding the monsters, my books and other authors books that I am sure you will love as much as I do.  There is also a section for children where they can complete a word search either online or you can print it for completion whenever they wish.  Also in the section, you will find pictures that can be printed and coloured at your convenience and online games that I am sure you will find fun too.


I look forward to answering your questions then.  You will also meet two of my children who are also two of the little monsters; Grouch and Grumble.

NEW Games & Dr Booshilla Section


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We have been working hard to make our website more fun and have now included 2 new games, a Wordsearch and Dr Booshilla has his own page on the Gallery section…He did not see why he had to share with the other monsters.

We hope you enjoy playing the games.  Please feel free to either play the Wordsearch online or print out for others to enjoy anytime.

We will update again as soon as we have any more new information for you, including the result of the Indie Book Awards, which we are finalists in by the way…not sure if we mentioned that before.


Indie Award Finalist


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WOW – Never saw that coming…

This is the second book in the Three Little Monsters Series of books and follows on from Three Little Monsters & The Ghost of Wisdom Woods.  It tells the story of Gruesome and his love for snails, which on this occasion is bad news for him as he damages his tooth and finds out the hard way that even scary (not so) monsters have to  visit the dentist.

Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and various other online bookstores worldwide and in Paperback and EBook formats.

Thank you to all those that have voted for my book, please keep it going and let’s win this award.

Please vote for Gruesome by clicking on the link –


You are all STARS

threelittlemonsters.zohosites.com – Come and share our adventures

Our New Home – Three Little Monsters


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Three Little Monsters

Come and Share Our Adventures


Grouch, Grumble and Gruesome, got bored of their old, boring and complicated website.  They decided they wanted a new home where children and adults could have fun, print pictures for children to colour and find out more information about the monsters.

There is a parent section where you can find out information about other authors, friends who have some fantastic stories for you to enjoy including ‘The Hangman’s Hitch’ and ‘The Familiar’.

You will also find links for my two books; Three Little Monsters & The Ghost of Wisdom Woods and Three Little Monsters in Gruesome Gets A Toothache.  With some fantastic reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and onlinebookclub.org, why not take a look and see what all the fuss is about.

Our NEW Website address is: http://threelittlemonsters.zohosites.com/

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Three Little Monsters & IngramSparks


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It has been a very turbulent year for the Three Little Monsters; Grouch, Grumble and Gruesome and for myself obviously, but we are confident that with our new distributor, our books can reach a bigger audience and more children can enjoy their adventures and learn some valuable lessons.

At present my first book is available in three formats; Audiobook, Paperback and Ebook, so plenty of options for you to add my stories to your collection.  I will also be transferring the second book ‘Three Little Monsters in Gruesome Gets A Toothache’ towards the end of September 2016…

Check out my website www.3-littlemonsters.com for more information and a list of places that you can order The Three Little Monsters & The Ghost of Wisdom Woods right now and make a start on…dare I say it….Christmas…there, I said it….sorry.

Watch this space for more information on Grouch, Grumble, Gruesome and not forgetting Ghost.

NAS, Grouch, Grumble & Gruesome


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The National Autistic Society, Grumble, Grouch and Gruesome need your help. If you purchase either of my two fun stories; Three Little Monsters & The Ghost of Wisdom Woods or Gruesome Gets a Toothache, not only will you get a story that I hope will help children learn the importance of family and friends but also how important it is to listen to the Dentist when they give you advice. You will also be supporting a cause that is close to my heart. There are many more stories to follow, each with its own message. Check out the reviews we have had for our first two books so far and see what your children are missing.

Help Support Autism

Grouch, Grumble, Gruesome & The National Autistic Society would like to ask for your help. When you buy a copy of either of my books – Three Little Monsters & The Ghost of Wisdom Woods or Gruesome Gets A Toothache we will give them £1 per book. The books are fun and colourful and with some fantastic reviews, we believe, a great read for all children. I have posted below a link to the UK Amazon site, but the books are available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository, Alibris, Waterstones, WHSmiths and CreateSpace themselves.
Please support Autism by getting your copy today…Thank you

The National Autistic Society


Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well?

Last year I tried to help The National Autistic Society, offering to give them £1 for every book sold after publishing with Britains Next Best Seller. Unfortunately as you are all aware, this campaign was unsuccessful and I was unable to help them the way I wanted to.  I have a vested interest in this charity because my son Dean is autistic, so this charity means a lot to me as I am sure means a lot to many other families too.

Well, now that I have two books published via self-publishing.  I am now in a position to offer them what I offered last year.  For every book sold, I will give them £1 to support the charity.  As I only receive £0.17 pence for every book sold via Amazon UK and Amazon Europe, I will make up the difference myself.  I am hoping to raise as much awareness for this charity as well as giving them as much money as I am able to raise through my books.

I will be running this campaign for the next 12 months and will not make any monies out of the sales of my books, but this will be worth it as far as I am concerned.  So please help and get your copy of my book.

You can order your copy from:

Three Little Monsters & The Ghost of Wisdom Woods

Three Little Monsters in Gruesome Gets A Toothache

Thank you for your support.




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I am trying to become a successful children’s author with my Three Little Monsters series of books. They are fun books, with great messages that I hope will help children develop as they read and enjoy my stories.

My first book is ‘Three Little Monsters & The Ghost of Wisdom Woods – This story introduces the little monsters; Gruesome, Grouch & Grumble. The monsters have to score enough scare points to avoid going back to Ghoul School but, will a visit from two young children cause Gruesome his scare points?

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Three-Little-Monsters-Ghost-Wis…/…/ – 12 5* Reviews so far

My second book ‘Three Little Monsters in Gruesome Gets A Toothache’ – Gruesome loves to eat his favourite food Snails. This time, one of the snails bites back and Gruesome finds out the hard way that even scary monsters have to go to the Dentist.

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Three-Little-Monsters-Gruesome-…/…/ – 3 5* Reviews to date

With another 38 books to go in the series, why not give the monsters a fighting chance. They are already available to buy online at Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, WHSmith, The Book Depository, Alibris and EBay.